COVID-19 Social Distancing

Written by Ali Zarrouk on .

COVID-19 and Changes To Our Practice

The COVID -19 / Coronavirus global cirsis has affected all aspects of our life. We are committed to do our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19, protect our patients and our staff, and at the same time conitnue to look after the wellbeing of our patients and our community.

Social distancing guidelines dictate that we need to do things differently untill the crisis is over.  We have, therefore, made few changes to our practice. Rest assured we are still here to look after you. 

Changes to Operations and All Endoscopy Procedure.

 As announced by the Prime Minister all elective operations are now postponed till further notice in both public and private hospitals. If you are waiting for an elective procedure at the public or the private hospital then you will be notified when elective surgery will be resumed. If your condition worsen you may need to present to emergency department for reassessment and,  if indicated, your procedure may be done as an emergency operation. 

Changes to Clinics

New Patients

We continue to accept new patients in our practice, however, we have moved to Telehealth. This means that your consultation will be over the phone / Zoom. If indicated after the phone consult Dr Zarrouk may ask you to come for a review and examination in person. 

New Patients Seeking Weightloss Surgery

We are resuming our weightloss surgery patient information seminars. In keeping with social distancing guidelines we have changed the seminar to a live webinar. After participating in an online webinar you can have a consultation with our nurse and Dr Zarrrouk to start the process and answer any questions. When the COVID-19 crisis is over we will book the surgery day. 


We have moved all routine follow-ups with Dr Zarrouk, our clinic dietian Angela and our practice nurse Alison to telehealth. Our weight loss surgery patients will receive a phone call from a team member on their appointment time.