How to Get Ready for the Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Written by Ali Zarrouk on .

Getting Ready For Sleeve Gastrectomy

A sleeve gastrectomy will transform your body however, on its own, it is not enough. Working to improve both your body and your mind before the operation will help you achieve the best outcome and long term success. The following point will help you prepare for surgery and the recovery period.

  • Start practicing healthy eating habits before the surgery. Keep a journal or mentally keep track of the foods you eat and your corresponding moods.
  • Begin the habit of eating and drinking slowly. Chew food thoroughly with small bites.
  • Stop smoking 6 weeks before surgery, and decide to quit indefinitely after surgery.
  • Lose weight before surgery. This will make the surgery more safe. Follow the Optifast diet as prescribed by our dietitian two weeks before surgery.
  • Drink 1-1.5 Liters of fluid on a daily basis, and avoid non-diet soft drinks and alcohol.
  • Clear your house of junk food.
  • Reduce the time you watch TV.
  • Take your prescribed multivitamins and minerals supplement.
  • Begin an exercise routine. Walking is the best exercise.
  • Keep the folds of skin on your belly clean, dry, and clear of infection. Do not shave the site of the operation.
  • For women, do not make plans for pregnancy until 18 months after surgery.
  • If you have a history of gout, you will need to have medications that prevent a gout attack. Discuss this with Dr Zarrouk.
  • Continue taking your usual medications before surgery, however, inform Dr Zarrouk if you take drugs that thin the blood. Take note of the medications that should be avoided after surgery (e.g. anti-inflammatory drugs).

Following the above guidelines will ensure that your sleeve operation is as easy and safe as possible. If you have any questions or concerns then note them down to discuss them with Dr Zarrouk.

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